Transforming Business for a Better World | Responsible Business Practices

Transforming Business for a Better World | Responsible Business Practices

How can we help the world to be a better place?

We would love the world to be a better place through BOVEM, and we know that responsible business inches us closer there. We hope to better the way men groom and treat personal care starting from where it matters most – the golden globes. Through BOVEM. we want to help discover and also inspire better business practices in the DTC space – enabling a healthier relationship with our work, each other, the planet and all who we share it with. This is a consistent mantra towards renewed improvement in how we do what we do.

Our Environmental Practices

1. Eliminate serious toxins throughout our product and packaging 

We prioritise the removal of environmental toxins, such as bleaches, pesticides, and heavy earth metals, from our products and packaging. Additionally, we eliminate human toxins like carcinogens and materials with high allergy potential, such as nickel or chrome plating.

 packing boxes

2. Seek recyclable materials and products when reasonable

We actively seek recyclable materials that align with our environmental goals. When choosing materials, we consider their recyclability and design products with their end-of-life in mind.

3. Reduce waste and energy consumption in our process

We implement efficient business practices to minimise waste and energy consumption. Our strategies include zero business travel by utilising technology for remote connections, collaborating with local fulfilment partners in our major markets, and promoting responsible waste management throughout our business, from suppliers to distributors.

4. To actively pursue better understanding of our impact

We continuously research, connect with like-minded groups and businesses, and explore possibilities to deepen our understanding of our environmental impact. By staying informed, we can uphold and enhance our responsible business practices.

Through Effective Altruism

To maximise the reach of our efforts, we have partnered with responsible delivery providers and donate a portion of our sales revenue to effective charities.

One Tree Planted

For every Globe™ Trimmer sold, we plant a tree in Asia. This region is home to a significant portion of the world's tropical forests and is unfortunately a hotspot for deforestation. By reforesting in Asia, we align our vision of becoming a leader in below-the-waist grooming while involving our customers indirectly in the tree-planting process.

Carbon Neutral Deliveries

We recognise that every eCommerce delivery contributes to carbon emissions, a driving force behind climate change. To support a sustainable future, we have partnered with the internationally recognised carbon solutions provider, the Carbon Neutral Group. Through carbon offsetting, we neutralise the carbon emissions from our deliveries, ensuring that the future of retail is environmentally responsible and that sending parcels does not cost the earth.

Join us in Transforming Business for a Better World. BOVEM is committed to creating a positive impact through responsible business practices. By prioritising sustainability and taking action, we can transform the business landscape for a better world. Together, let's build a future that is both prosperous and environmentally conscious.

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