Should You Shave Before, After, or In The Shower?

Should You Shave Before, After, or In The Shower?

Should you shave before, after, or during your shower? Each approach has its merits and we'll explain the three steamy situations, for you to choose your most suitable method. 

Pre-Shower Shave

Single-blade Razor Shaving

Shaving before your shower can easily wash away stray hair clippings. However, your hair and skin haven't been softened by warm water, which can lead to an uneven shave.

If you choose this method, we recommend using a single-blade razor and shaving cream to minimise friction.

In-Shower Shave

BOVEM Waterproof Body Hair Trimmer

Shaving in the shower is a popular choice for many men. The warm water softens your hair and opens up your hair follicles, making for a smoother shave.

A waterproof body hair trimmer is perfect for this setting, allowing you to trim and shape with ease.

Post-Shower Shave

BOVEM Waterproof Body Hair Trimmer

After your shower, your hair and skin are soft and hydrated, reducing the risk of irritation. The warm shower has opened your pores, making for a closer shave.

Pat your face dry before applying shaving cream to avoid diluting it. The downside? You start with a fogged up mirror, so keep a fan running or wipe it down before you start.

Which Should You Choose?

Table Of Suitable Shaving Environment For Different Skin And Hair Density

Your skin type and hair density play the biggest role in determining the best shaving environment.

For sensitive skin, pre-shower shaving might be gentler as your natural oils are still present. If you have thick hairs, the in-shower method could help soften those tough hairs. Dry skin might benefit from a post-shower shave for a smoother glide.


Each method has its advantages, and the right choice depends on your individual needs. Experiment with different tools, from a single-blade razor to a waterproof body hair trimmer and find what works best for you.

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