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Manscaping redefined

Look and feel good
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All products are carefully pieced together and designed with intention and obsession to tailor the suave, modern-day man.

Globe Trimmer with Trimsafe Blade and Trimguard
Below The Waist
For your most prized possessions
Grooming Tools
A smooth, clean shave every time

Over 10,000 Happy Balls And Counting


The best thing I ever bought. It gets the job done and I haven't had any problems with it. My boys have never felt so comfortable before. Couldn’t imagine a better product.

Ezekiel P.

I felt like I was roaming through Jumanji before when doing the old 5 knuckle shuffle. Now it’s like the grass around the leaning tower of Pisa, Thanks Bovem

Jeth D.

It's good to clear the ball under. Bovem is an awesome tool. It's really worth the price and I know it will last for a long time. It has a great design, great colour and neat appearance. This is my personal care tool and it really exceeds my expectations!

Richard D.

Game changing trimmer. I am enjoying this very much. Using it before each date to keep myself fresh and clean. The trimmer is so easy to use. Thanks Bovem!

Jim C.