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Discover the BOVEM TrimSafe™ Blade for Safe and Effective Pubic Grooming

Content: Grooming the pubic area can be a daunting task, often resembling a horror story for many. According to Men’s Journalapproximately 26% of men have encountered mishaps while shaving their intimate areas. Chances are, you or someone in your friend group can relate to this experience, probably the person who hides their scissors and razor in the corner of their bathroom. No judgment.

Balloon razor bursting

Say goodbye to shaving mishaps with the BOVEM TrimSafe™ Blade

While there are numerous methods to prevent such mishaps, we are excited to introduce you to the safest and most cost-effective solution: the BOVEM TrimSafe™ Blade.

If you've been following BOVEM, you may have noticed that "balls" and "TrimSafe" are the two most popular terms. This popularity stems from our commitment to addressing one of men's greatest fears—accidentally cutting themselves while shaving—and transforming it into the TrimSafe™ Blade, a revolutionary ceramic, replaceable blade.

Protect your boys with TrimSafe™ Blades

The TrimSafe™ Blades have completely reinvented men's grooming routines below the waistline. While the world believed that multi-blade razors were the pinnacle of shaving technology, BOVEM sought alternative ways to minimise nicks and cuts on the skin. This led to the birth of the TrimSafe™ Blades.

BOVEM TrimSafe Blade Waterproof

By replacing traditional metal blades with ceramic ones, we have achieved a smoother and quicker shaving experience. Paired with a high RPM motor in our Globe™ Trimmer, our blades effortlessly handle thick and coarse hair. This innovative design allows for a closer and safer shave, reducing the likelihood of cuts on your precious golden globes.

Best practices for using TrimSafe™ Blades

While the TrimSafe™ Blades are designed with your safety and comfort in mind, it is crucial to use them with care and caution. Even with their advanced features, reckless trimming can still result in cuts. To ensure optimal results, here are some helpful tips for using your TrimSafe™ Blades. For additional information, check out our informative article on achieving the best shave down there.

1. Replace your TrimSafe™ blades every 3-4 months 

Just like our lives, blades can become dull over time. To guarantee an optimal shave every single time, it is important to keep your blades fresh and sharp. Dull blades can reduce the effectiveness of your shave and increase the likelihood of skin cuts.

2. Clean the blade's teeth before each use

Use the provided brush to remove excess hair that may become trapped in the TrimSafe™ Blades. You can also remove the blades to clean the hair beneath them.


Manscaping Redefined for the modern-day man

BOVEM's grooming tools helps you look, feel and live better. Welcome to a better men's care experience.

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