Trimming vs Shaving

Trimming vs Shaving: Which is Better For Your Balls

You’ve decided it’s time to tame your jungle so how are you getting rid of hair ‘down there’? When it comes to male grooming, trimming and shaving are two of the most common options out there. Here's a guide to help you figure out which hair removal method works best for you.

Trim if you want to avoid cuts and bumps

Getting cut and nicked while shaving hurts, but the pain can be even worse when you’re grooming the groin, which is a super sensitive area. When you use a trimmer, the razor doesn’t drag across your skin and there’s less chance of getting bumps and ingrown hair which can lead to irritation and redness.

Trimming also reduces the possibility of getting razor burn and itchiness when hair starts growing back so it’s a better choice for people with sensitive and easily irritated skin. Many trimmers also come with blade guards with different lengths so you can decide how short you want your hair.

If you have sensitive skin or such skin concerns and just want a well-trimmed, groomed appearance of hair ‘down there’, trimming is definitely the way to go.

Shave if you like the completely hairless look

While some keep hair short and trimmed below-the-waist, others may want a more smooth and clean hairless look. Trimming can help to tidy up the hair and create a well-groomed appearance but if you want to go completely bald, shaving is your best bet.

While shaving your balls may be an aesthetic choice, there are also hygiene benefits of completely removing your hair ‘down there’ as sweat and bacteria are easily trapped in hair follicles. So, you may be prone to body odour and bacterial infections around your groin area if you choose not to go hair-free.

So, which hair removal method is the best?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best hair removal method. Other than your skin concerns and the appearance of your hair ‘down there’, you might also want to think about safety matters and the amount of time you have for grooming.

Ultimately, grooming is a personal choice so we think it’s best for you to consider all your options and try them out yourself to figure out what you like and what works best for you - whether that’s trimming, shaving, a combination of both or even something else entirely.

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