Globe Trimmer 2.0 and Packaging BoxGlobe Trimmer 2.0 and Packaging Box

Our Story

How we redefine grooming for the modern-day man
Globe Trimmer 2.0 Upright Display
Who Are We

BOVEM is a premium grooming brand based in Singapore, specialising in below-the-waist grooming. Our goal is to build the quintessential lifestyle for men through grooming.

Following an unfortunate bathroom mishap, we set out to reimagine grooming for men, to curate premium, precision-grade tools for the ‘down there’. Starting from where it matters the most – the golden globes, we believe that if we are good enough for your balls, we are good enough anywhere else.

All products are carefully pieced together to tailor the suave, modern-day man. We design the everyday men’s essentials with precision and obsession to ensure BOVEM really is crafted for the pursuit of perfection.
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