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Bovem TrimSafe™ Blade

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For the thickest of bushes, you’ll need the sharpest of blades. The TrimSafe™ blades will keep your golden globes well-groomed and trimmed all-year long. Replenish and switch your blades regularly for optimal performance. 

  • $18.90

    1 x TrimSafe™ Blade

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    1 x TrimSafe™ Blade

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Receive a new TrimSafe™ Blade every 3 months for only $12.90. No commitment, cancel anytime.

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TrimSafe™ Anti-Nick

Not your ordinary trimming blades. These specially-engineered blades feature micro-trimming teeth designed to cut through thick and coarse hair without any tugging and pulling. No more screaming in the shower.

Easy to clean

Snap it out, brush it and wash it. Keep your blade modules clean and wash off excess hair easily, without any hassle.

If it nicks, it reeks

We understand the caution that comes with trimming your nether regions. They are the golden globes after all. That’s why we’ve ensured that our Bovem Globe™ Trimmers are specially engineered with TrimSafe™ technology for precision.

If you’ve unfortunately experienced any cuts, get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there.


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